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Search Engine Optimization

Are you not at the top of Google for relevant search terms in your industry? We’ll if you aren’t you’re probably losing to your competitors. Let us show you how we’ll turbo charge your business & increase your online visibility!

Web Design

Using your current site or starting from scratch, we can do both. As well as optimizing your website for mobiles devices such as your smart phone and or tablet. Tell us how you want it or let our professional design team take the lead.

Social Marketing

Whether have you have zero or a 1000 followers, we’ll work with you in increasing your social media presence and ensure you’re using it to its full potential!

Web Security

Did you know that 85% of running WordPress sites have open exploits at all times? We’ll personally show you the holes in your website and how they can be fixed.

Reputation Management

Have bad reviews on Yelp or just general information that doesn’t represent your company that you’re seeing in the search engines? We can help with that!


Easy To Read Site Audits

We’ll walk you through a in-depth report that’s very easy to read and exactly tells you how your business is doing online. Off that we’ll make recommendations on any changes we feel is necessary.

Ranking Reports You’ll Love

Once a Month, or even weekly (depending on what you prefer) we’ll send you the reports of what your rankings are and how we should move forward. Get used to that upward trend!


Well, if you haven’t yet figured it out yet my name is Tyler Bailey and me & my team rank businesses on Google.

There’s a reason why we can rank for terms such as Calgary SEO, which is arguably the hardest search engine optimization term to rank for in Canada. If we can rank for keywords that most Calgary SEO Agencies dream of imagine what we can rank for you?

Listen we’ve been doing this for years for global search terms for many different national companies and now we’re opening ourselves up for the local level. Why? Because search engines have been making the switch to local searches when it comes to finding businesses via GEO-IP devices such as your home computer or smart phone. Eventually all location based searches will be completely localized as a way for search engines to properly show searchers the best results.

Many Calgary SEO companies still don’t understand this switch and therefore are bleeding their customers dry using outdated tactics. Let us show you how we rank businesses on Google in a fraction of the time with results that actually stick!

If you’re still wondering why do I need SEO? Well Search Engine Optimization is one of the biggest factors when it comes to ranking a website not only in Google, but other search engines as well. You’re essentially essentially giving your competitors an edge by not ranking.

A Calgary based SEO agency or expert will save you a lot of time as well as money if spent correctly. The next question is how cost effective is SEO? The whole point is to create a return on investment when you place money into an SEO experts hands. You need to make sure the company you’re working with has proven success.

There’s many factors that go into Search Engine Optimization and the people you choose to work with as it’s the life blood of many businesses which can be transformed in either a positive or negative way overnight.

The end result SEO will give you over traditional Pay Per Click (PPC) advertising is permanent results. Your results stick, and this is long-term. Yes Search Engine Opimization requires upkeep, but it’s a fraction of the cost you would be spending on PPC advertisements each day.

With that said let us show you why we’re the #1 Calgary Search Engine Optimization Firm.

Start by getting a free consultation & or web site audit by us at the top of the page and let’s get this going. Consultations typically last 40 – 60 minutes and we’ll be able to exactly tell you what we can do for you by the end of the session.

Give us a call at (289) 426-5138 and let’s get you started today, we look forward to hearing from you!


Tyler & his team increased our rankings for a local keyword from page 10 to page 1 in under a month!

Laura Brown - Director Of Media At Premium Communications.

We've been with Tyler since late 2014 and have had great results ever since.

George Dewland - Founder of TK Electronics.

Great results in considerably less time than we expected.

Ken Brown - Co-Owner of Splendid LLC.


We increased one customers traffic from visitors 864 to 3228 in just over a week.

Increase Your SEO Efforts

In just over 2 weeks we took a customer from almost zero traffic to a steady 100 potential leads per day.

Ranking Reports 2

Within a month we took a customer averaging 50 views a day to over +1000.

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